Updated: Apr 5, 2019

    hi guys! I’ve been obsessing over our guest rooms and struggling to find inspiration but tonight I found a little and with a good budget One of my favorite things about Amazon is finding literally EVERYTHING in one place and recieving it so quickly! Prime for the win? Am I right? Now, I wish I could share a live amazon haul with real life reviews but at the moment we aren't doing that! We have a few other projects we're working on still that take priority but I wanted to share a mood board with you all.

    I put together this mood board for one of our guest rooms, I love the simplicity of it. The wall sconces are plug-ins which makes it easy to move the room around! The accent wall is my favorite (ours would be a light grey / dark grey combo but still soo cute!). The room cost is under $500!! Here is a direct link to our shared amazon list where everything and more is listed!

    Metal Platform Bed // $80 - I love this look! It's simple enough- I bought bed frames that cost the same price and no headboard so now I need to sell those and buy this bed!! So cute.

    Gooseneck Plug-in Wall Sconces // $45 set of 2. This deal is amazing and I DID order these! They're currently sitting in a box in a guest room but I will share them in a later blog post!

    4-Drawer Dresser // $158.80 The price point is a little high for my liking but I like a natural wood accent in a room. I want guests to feel at home so they should have a place to unpack their belongings!

    Patterned Area Rug // $102 I LOVE the price of this rug, anything around the one hundred dollar range is a bargain. The rug is perfect for a boho /farmhouse look!

    Duck or Lamb Photo Frame // $50 Amazon has tons of headshots of different animals! I personally love the simplicity of the print. I never know what type of art to put in a guest room... I love landscapes but the theme of our house falls under "modern farmhouse" and I don't want to see a landscape of a barn? haha.

    Modern Planter // $26.99 its just a planter... for my overpriced Fiddle Leaf Fig tree. Heres a link to a faux plant!

    Letter Board // $23 I want to use this as a wifi password board.. thats it, something simple for your guests to use.

    As an Amazon Affiliate we are able to make commission through these links, so these links help us keep this blog running :). Thanks for reading!