Hi guys! We did it!!! The basement floors are painted and we are so close to being done. We have a few finishing touches such as quarter round, repainting the baseboards, and wall paint but I’ll share all that once it’s completed. Check out our progress below~

    We started by ripping up the carpet because it was so nasty and I am so happy we did it, it smelled a bit and had so many stains (I’m not sure what happened in this house before we moved in lol). We put the padding and carpet into 10 or more carpenter size garbage bags and our trash guys picked up! (Thank you Loudoun County Trash!) We useed masks while pulling up the carpet to avoid inhaling weird chemicals or weird stuff..

    There were a few bumps along the way with some cracks and nails in the floor... luckily they were somewhat a simple fix. We used Quickcrete to fill the large crack and smaller holes then rented a machine to sand it all down. Sanding took much longer than we thought and it left the whole place covered in dust. It helped to sand it all down and even out that huge crack in the middle of the floor! Jamie did most of the work and it looks so great. (we checked with out contractor and the crack was fine, just needed to be filled.)

    Then we vacuumed and mopped until all the dust was picked up! I'm super impatient and hated this part because I just wanted to paint the floors and be done! We used Behr Patio and Porch Ultra White in low luster to paint the floors, in total we used 5 gallons of paint (3 for the first coat and 2 for the second), linked here.

    Jamie and I are super happy with the results overall, it'll look so nice once the baseboards and quarter round are fixed up! Can't wait to start decorating!