Hi friends! this Easter and every Easter moving forward we are dying golf balls! This year was our first attempt and a little tricky but also a little last minute... I think they turned out great and next year they’ll be even better! We used top elite, Callaway, and some few other random brands we had rolling around the house...

    I used Rit dye (powder) from Michaels arts and crafts but I’ve read on other blogs that they use the bottle Rit dye which might work better. Protect your kitchen and yourself when using this product!!

    We put each color powder dye in Tupperware and added boiling water then the golf balls. Some colors worked better than others and we will try different brands in the future but I thought they all came out pretty cool this year.

    After about 5-20 minutes they were done, I rinsed them with warm water and dish soap then put them on paper towels. I didn't want to ruin our granite counter tops.

    I know Top Flite isn't the "best" brand of balls but I wanted to test it out first! Next year it'll be exclusively Callaway haha.

    I then put them in a basket from Harris Teeter's floral department and a stuffed bunny. It's a super cute and easy activity for every golfer in the family!

    Thanks for reading and following along :)