Hi friends! In January we built these shelves on our own... in hopes of saving money! Some projects go smoother than others and this one caused a huge headache but they are done and look AMAZING!

    We started where all of our projects start... HOME DEPOT! And to be clear- math was not my strongest subject and might not ever be. So Jamie did the measurements and figured out the dimensions we needed cut. Unfortunately our walls are not perfectly straight and the plywood doesn't sit flush so we had to cut a little more so that it would sit flush with the wall.

    We used the Everbilt 10 in. x 8 in. Black Medium Duty Shelf Bracket ( $4.78 each ) , we bought enough so each shelf used 3 but because of the way the studs in the wall sits we only needed 2. The associate at Home Depot helped us choose the right deadbolt's to use, but to be honest we could have used regular screws since we don't have the intention of holding a ton of weight on them. I could probably scale this wall and they'd stay in place! LOL.

    ft. Mr. Ghost!

    After HOURS of measurements, levels, and patching we finally got all six shelves up! We did pre-drill into the studs before installing the deadbolts but some of them broke into the wall so we had to adjust the height and distance between each shelf.

    Now onto staining... This was difficult and a messy job! We opted to use the same stain of our floors, It worked out so great! After two layers of stain it was the perfect color! We wanted the contrast to the wall, our walls are Colonial Grey by Sherwin Williams.

    The next morning we secured the shelves to the bracket and painted the patches on the wall. We added this light as part of our decor but because the shelves are almost flush with the walls we had to place it before we screwed in the bottom shelf! The table lamp was from HomeGoods but here is a similar one! Here & here!

    Thanks for reading!