Alright guys, I have done my research and found the best house plants for us! At the moment we have one fiddle leaf fig tree, one money tree, some counter top basil/thyme/rosemary and one corn plant (not a corn stock lol). We do not have green thumbs so we needed plants that could miss a day of water if we forget! I will do my best to link where you can purchase these plants (and the faux option) online.


    We found ours at Lowes for $19 so check out your local hardware store garden section!

    $30 Fiddle Leaf Fig Tree from Amazon & $70 faux Fiddle Leaf Fig Tree (ON SALE) from Way Fair. I thought we killed this guy, he spent a few weeks in our backyard while I searched for a planter I liked... then it rained and he was soaked and I wasn't able to plant him! Luckily all is well, Fiddle Leaf Fig trees love indirect light, they are best to water when the tops of the soil is dry to touch, and they love clean leaves! (they do collect a bit of dust!)


    Ok we had a snake plant in California but I haven't found one locally that didn't already look dead. These are hard to kill and require moderate light and watering! They provide oxygen at night which makes these perfect for bedrooms. These plants are available on Home Depots website HERE! For those who don't want real dirt in their home... HERE is a link to a faux snake plant from west elm.


    Jamie found our Corn Plant at Home Depot over the weekend and thought it would be great for our home! I love it because they shouldn't be in direct sunlight which is perfect for our basement space. Most plants wouldn't survive the basement because of its lack of light, our basement is ground level so the light is filtered by our deck and surrounding homes. This plant is easy to over water (it's leaf will turn a yellow color) luckily we forget to water our plants often! Here is the link to the corn plant from Home Depot. Here is the link to the faux plant from Way Fair.


    I love Aloe Vera! It's perfect to have around to heal cuts, burns and to use as a face masks!! Taking care of these are easy, they love the sun and they require light watering! The key is to let the soil dry out a little before watering again. I'm not including a faux plant option because that would sort of be a waste of money... in my opinion. HERE is a link to Aloe Vera plant from Home Depot!

    $2-5 10 inch Clear Plastic Saucer to protect our floors from water damage.

    $35 Meri Meri Tassel Basket from Nordstroms.

    $20 Round Woven Basket from Target.

    $8 Large Round Tin Bucket from Michaels Arts and Crafts.