Hi guys! My last amazon haul “mood board” was a total hit on Pinterest so I’m back with another! I’ve been creating mood boards for years, they really help plan a space and with budgeting out a single room. I’m planning on cleaning up my laundry room and I absolutely love this vibe I created. My favorite part of this mood board is the sticker tiles, the floors are currently laminate and my budget is low so these are a perfect alternative! I will have more similar items listed on Pinterest and in my Amazon Lists linked here!

    Let’s start wirh a few of my favorites!!

    Sticker Tiles // $89.99 (with $10 Shipping) for 45 tiles! I’m super exited to try these out! I might also use them in our guest bathroom because the floors look gross in there.

    Woven Rug // $22-100+ these type of woven rugs are my favorite! Jamie doesnt think they’re comfortable which is true but they are easy to clean and give a nice natural feel to a space.

    4-part Hamper // $38 organization is key! I just throw our clothes all over the laundry room and then I end up missing some colors or whites and have to do a small load which totally wastes water.

    The Laundry Co Sign // $28 super cute sign to complete a space.

    Lost Socks Sign // $15 we lose socks left and right... which calls for a sarcastic detective sock sign! so relatable.

    Drying Rack // $53 I LOVE THESE. so perfect for hang drying clothes without stretching out shoulders or neck holes.

    Magnolia Wreath // $29 I believe every room needs greenery but our laundry room has no natural light and I would never remember to water a plant in the laundry room haha.

    Tide // $33 I've used Tide forever and will probably never change my ways!

    Dryer Balls // $10 I bought a similar pair at home goods a while ago but I’m convinced they help! They’re also great dog toys haha.

    Floating Shelves // $50 natural wood floating shelves are perfect for storage!! I’m thinking of adding a bar below them so I can hang some clothes on hangers.

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