Hi guys, I realized I haven’t shared much of the actual house... Here are some kitchen updates! Since we bought the home we have leveled the island out, it is now 65 square feet! All appliances have been replaced and we added a microwave. The sink was replaced with a farm style sink and a new disposal! Jamie replaced the 6 recessed lights himself with new ones we bought from Costco. New hardware for the cabinets are laying around the house.... we will get to it eventually! Our long term goal is to remove the cabinets and replace them with an open shelving concept, add more lighting and fix up the pantry.

    Above is the original kitchen, with a bar top on the island! We wanted to open up this space, we removed the two white pillars and the bar top.

    We mentioned the plan to our contract without doing much research and the next day he chopped the island in half!! We panicked and found a granite company locally, he came out the same day for an estimate. (notice all the repair the walls needed...this place was falling apart!)

    The island was a custom shape and totaled 65 square feet. We left a 12 inch hang for counter seating! Due to the island shape we couldn't keep it one piece.

    Final product. Thanks for reading!