Hi friends! Our basement needs a revamp! It's currently serving as Jamie's office but it really serves as a Ghosts play ground and random storage. So I'm putting a few things together for the living area to make it more homey... It's so hard to find the right pieces that will all match and also make sense haha. I really enjoy doing these Amazon hauls and I hope some day soon I can do a room reveal- but for now it's just a mood board for inspiration.

    I love leather and navy combo for a man cave/ office space. It's masculine and cozy at the same time! I really want to do a navy color accent wall with a thin orange stripe and a Broncos logo decal! Go Broncos! haha- I will do the office next and maybe a little space for Ghost too!

    Leather Couch // $1,099 I absolutely LOVE this couch and I've been dying to put one in our house somehow. The price is pretty reasonable and affordable!

    Lamp // $237 I love wood accents, they make the space a little more masculine than a metal would! It always helps tie a room together and bring in all the cozy feelings. Now I understand a $200 lamp isn't reasonable for everyone so here is a similar lamp for $79 linked here!

    Ottoman // $303 I want an ottoman like this so badly! This one is so cozy and a percent accent for the room! It brings together the room fully.

    Rug // The price of this rug varies but is sold by Rugs USA which is a super affordable online retailer! I've always had an interest in their brand- mainly because they have rugs that are specific for homes with pets! they're easily washed in a machine- I wish I knew this before we bought the rugs we have now because it would have saved me a couple hundred dollars in rugs haha.

    Wooden Clock // $47 Every home needs a clock! I don't know why but I just have that set in my mind haha- this pulls the natural features of the room together and will draw your eyes up and around the room.

    Basket // $8.66-22.99 these baskets range in size and price! We had one but Ghost ate the whole thing! It was all over the house. Luckily the cost of them are super affordable.

    Throw Pillows // $40 for a set of four! I need to buy these for the basement, guest room, and our main living room! haha they are so cute and totally on the current trends, literally all of them. Here is another set for only $29!!

    Fiddle Leaf Fig Tree // $50 as I've said in the past- these are sold at your local hardware garden section! but I have a few friends who have bought them off amazon (cheaper if they are younger/smaller) and they worked perfectly fine!!

    Coffee Table Books // $15-45 These books can range from sports books (golf for Jamie!), fashion or interior design books! I'll link a few here, and here, and well... here!

    Thank you for reading!