Hi guys! We received the Whistle Fit (here) for ghost last week! Whistle is a device that attaches to your pet’s existing collar and allows you to track their location and activity from an app on your phone. So far I love it, its nice being able to see the amount of active minutes and rest time! The app suggests goals based on breed and age.

    Cutest packaging! Workout long sleeve, here. Kiss False Nails, here.

    The Whistle Fit is attached to their collar and tracks their movements to determine activity time and rest. The app will alert you charge the device when needed or when its fully charged.

    First day! It was a Sunday so we walked him more than we do during the week. I love that it shares his distance (we did not walk 9.5 miles, but he sure did lol) and rest time! The app also shares battery life, he currently has 10.5 days left of his charge. It has only been a 3 days so I'll share an update on his instagram (@ourdogghost) and the blog soon!